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Vital Wellness is a collection of certified professional coaches and experts, all dedicated to helping leaders inspire and engage their employees toward a more meaningful culture of health at work, at home and in their communities.

Here are some of our services:

  • Ongoing Corporate Wellness Program for companies that are looking to meet long-range employee wellness goals.
  • Healthy Living Workshops: ‘Lunch and Learn’ series quarterly or monthly
  • Board or Team Retreats: day-long or half-day retreats for a specific team or department, board of directors or custom designed for your community needs.
  • Monthly Health Newsletters including recipes, stress reduction tips, healthy snacking and more.

Employer spending on health promotion and chronic disease prevention is a good business investment. Programs have achieved a rate of return on investment ranging from $3 to $15 for each dollar invested with savings realized within 12 to 18 months. Meta-analyses have shown a 28% average reduction in sick leave absenteeism, an average 26% reduction in health care costs, and a 30% average reduction in workers’ compensation and disability management claims costs.

A Challenge for 2014: Linking Wellness to the Bottom Line?

We know organizations and businesses are facing tough challenges:

  • The US is spending 147 billion to treat obesity, 116 billion to treat diabetes and billions more to treat cardio vascular disease and many types of cancer.
  • US employers are losing a total of 225.8 billion annually in productivity losses.
  • Indirect costs of poor health can be two to three times the cost of direct medical expenses.
  • Workers are experiencing more daily stress in the race to keep their jobs, deal with their own economy, manage a work life/family life balance including aging parents, school age children and their own personal health.

Employees are looking for balance in their lives and are looking for more ways to take responsibility for their health at home and at work.

A recent survey notes as much as 77% of employees feel “health and wellness programs positively impact their culture at work”and, “87% of employees consider health and wellness offerings when choosing an employer. Great arguments to take the challenge for linking wellness to the health of your bottom line.

If you do not have a wellness program in place, we will help you get started with a few simple steps. Vital Wellness coaches and experts use a holistic approach where topics can range from food as medicine and stress reduction to healthy finances, leadership and management strategies. Our skills are broad and deep so that we can customize programs to mesh with your workplace culture.

Marie Frohlich

Marie Frohlich

Vital Wellness Team Lead

New Vital Wellness Offering

The CCVT is excited to offer your organization the opportunity to participate in a Vital Wellness Retreat.
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